Blood Offerings

by Necrot

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AtrociousSal Necrot went from a band I had never heard of, to one of my favorites in the span of a single day. This band is everything classic Death Metal fans want and more! Cant WAIT for the next album, this album has left such a high standard for their upcoming work. I HIGHLY recommend anyone who loves classic Death Metal to check this album out immediately! Favorite track: Layers of Darkness.
sookemetal thumbnail
sookemetal Excellent record. With all the hype being enjoyed by the new Mammoth Grinder LP I find this Necrot release to be more mature and dynamic in every way. Instant classic album that plays start to finish every time. Favorite track: Blood Offerings.
Gordon Disley
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Matthew Toye
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Matthew Toye Anything Greg Wilkinson records is nothing short of exemplary. Brad Boatright is a mastering genius. Necrot's first album has a clear sound, and bulldozes the competition. All together this is a solid death metal package. Favorite track: Empty Hands.
Ave Acer Mors
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Ave Acer Mors A must for all old-school freaks, Necrot serve up a delicious slice of grim goodness with Blood Offerings. From chugging guitars and thunderous drums to nihilistic lyrics squirming in the putrid black heart of the genre, Necrot understand what makes death metal so fucking great. The riffs in this are thick, churning, powerful, and make you want to bang your head along--what more satisfaction in the world can you really ask for at the end of the day? Favorite track: Beneath.
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released June 9, 2017

Recorded by Greg Wilkinson At Earhammer Studios
Mastered by Brad Boatright at AudioSiege
Cover Art by Marald Van Haasteren


all rights reserved



Tankcrimes Oakland, California

Hardcore Punk Rock Heavy Metal for True Freaks

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Track Name: The Blade

When the knife finds us,
hopeless on the merge of time,
Where things take colorless shapes of nothing.
Awaiting to be served with the
unexpected stroke of the blade.
We observe as things unfold,
relieving the unknown
from the weight of expectations.
Another wheel has turned,
left me for dead.

Nails in my head

Shattered dreams,
a castle of hate,
I built through time to host my nightmares.
Endless guests, filling the space
in the walls at the castle of hate.
Visions of death, as we part from life, drowning in depths,
in this emptiness.

Fade away
into nothingness. Fade away
into the void.

Fragments of words lost in my head.
Pieces of me I cannot leave behind.
A wound that drips down to my feet,
fixed to this pain to taste reality.

The cut of the blade.
To taste the blade.
The cut of the blade.

Fade away
Into nothingness
Fade away
Into the void

Nails in my head.

(Solo: Reinhardt)

Taste the blade, cold as ice,
a burning cut, a burning night.

Show me the way, the way to die.
Don't leave me longing for the blade.
Track Name: Shadows and Light

Nothing but shadows and light.
Nothing more than someone else's thought.
When you close your eyes, you'll be gone life will still flow.

Shadows and light, nothing more than shadows and light.
We are dead.

For what you perceive of time,
for what your eyes can see,
for what your heart can understand
therefore you believe you exist.

Heavy the weight
of all that we carry with us.
We stand and face
the eternal curse.
Ready to die,
we never hoped for more.
Ready to die,
bring us back
into the shadows.

Shadows and light, nothing more than shadows and light.
We are dead.
Track Name: Empty Hands

I know. I have been.
I have seen how it always ends.
Rotting, growing old.
Certainty of being deceived.

Fire burns the world.
Fear is leading the way.
Dreams are turning into dust.
Left me with empty hands, with empty hands.

A torture, a nightmare is life.
Losing all, a chase with no escape.
Life you believed, now you grieve.
Certainty of being deceived.

Fire, burns the world.
Fear, is leading the way.
Dreams are turning into dust.
Left me with empty hands, with empty hands.

Am I? Am I still awake?
Am I screaming in vane?
Bound by a lie, we die.

(Solo: Reinhardt)

Are we? Are we human?
Words don't seem to be enough to cut through you.
Spilling blood to drain you.
Hate consumes us.
The masters spread it.
We turn on each other,
but we are all the same.

(Solo: Reinhardt)

Fire, burns the world.
Fear, is leading the way.
Dreams are turning into dust.
Left me with empty hands, with empty hands.