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Endless Torment

by Dead Heat

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ENDLESS TORMENT When the world makes its own destruction plan Are we gonna find our final resting land Our fate lies in the hands of the broken man Is this what’s left for all of us to see! Embedding endless torment Into our minds with no debate Tortured by our own demise The only thing that we can’t escape WE SWING THE HAMMER THAT COMES TO FINALLY TAKE US ALL So what’s the point in living If we’re all just meant to die Spark the match and light it up Let’s kiss this fucking world goodbye KEEP BURNING THE CANDLE AT BOTH ENDS WE’LL SAY OUR PRAYERS AND WAIT FOR DEATH TO COME FOR US ALL! In time we’ll see the end of everything Our roots will die, no more will to survive CAN'T STOP THE FATE THAT WE HAVE! NO! YOU ONLY KNOW THE WORLD THAT WE LIVE YOUR TIME WILL FADE AWAY OUR ONLY HOPE IT DIES TODAY ARE WE ALL MEANT TO SURVIVE? NO! CAN WE FEEL THE RISE OF DEMISE AS THE WORLD TAKES ITS TURN WE ALL WATCH IT BURN
Smite Thee 02:41
SMITE THEE Strike you down like you knew I would Have you come to terms with the end? Make amends with the ones that you love Do you really think you deserve it? YOUR POWER It all comes to an end Do what I gotta do to survive To have the upper hand SO PAY UP You got to render the cost Like the ones that came before us You got to suffer the loss Soon enough they will tether the noose So take your last breath Your final hour soon will come So time to take the test. YOU'LL FEEL the weight coming down on you IT KEEPS ON BUILDING AND BUILDING UNTIL YOU FALL You tried to take the life I love You won’t get away with the things that you’ve done
EYES OF THE REAL Open your eyes to what you cannot see Your illusion of life has not set you free EYES OF THE REAL You can’t hide from the shame No way out. We already know your name You shut the world out in disbelief Motherfucker it’s you that we don’t believe YOU WON’T STAND TO SEE TOMORROW Play the victim but we all know your game Keep running your mouth just to say the same You never answered for the things that you’ve done In your head you already won. NO MORE EXCUSES. NO MORE WILL I RESTRAINT. YOUR TIME HAS COME. YOU’VE SEALED YOUR FATE. Keep on thinking that you’ve moved ahead In the eyes of the real you’re already dead You keep on moving at a snail’s pace You’re last in line, you’ve been erased NO MORE EXCUSES. NO MORE WILL I RESTRAINT. YOUR TIME HAS COME. NOW YOU’VE SEALED YOUR FUCKING FATE! You can’t say anything! You fucked up that’s your mistake You can’t say anything! That’s on you, it's time to live with the fate.
TEARS OF THE WOLF Please appear to me like you’ve done so before. You’ve always made yourself be known Now I ask once more. Searching for you everywhere I know I choose to ignore Your final journey has set you free I just wish I could hold you once more. WE LIVE. WE DIE TOO SOON WE FIGHT. WE WIN. WE LOSE It’s time that heals Your scar I wear with pride Purest soul, my greatest friend You know I’ll hold you until the end of time Because of you I’m still alive! WE LIVE. WE DIE TOO SOON WE FIGHT. WE WIN. WE LOSE To my old friend you filled the void that exists in me. It’s hard to see a future without you to count on me AND THIS IS ALL I HAVE TO HOLD ON TO WHAT MORE CAN I SAY TO MAKE MY SORROW SOOTHE
Hard Reset 04:02
HARD RESET It’s getting harder living day by day We all lose, we’ll all be one in the same. Try your hardest to get by in this world Only to watch your life unfurl. TIME TICKS AWAY AS YOU WASTE AWAY I can’t take it, I just abuse it Sooner or later I’m gonna fucking lose it! Well do you think you got it all figured out? Do you really know what life is about? Can you guess where you go when you die In this simulated living that you choose to deny. Is this really all there is to see? Are we blinded by disbelief? Prepare yourself for the end of days The hard reset is coming your way You can’t stop it. Don't even fucking try it! No matter what don’t try to deny it If this ain’t real to you Show me what is man Show me what’s true! Are you willing to accept the truth This world is an illusion made for you. TIME TICKS AWAY AS YOU WASTE AWAY All you see, what you feel can’t be real Pull the plug, hit the lights to reveal Is this all we have left to succumb? Live to die. I ask why? What's the point when we know All of this is what we choose to make Sit around and let life dissipate You’ve lived your life for no reason except to DIE!


vinyl available at: tankcrimes.merchtable.com


released July 28, 2023

Vince - Bass
Justin - Guitar
Yogie - Drums
Chris - Vocals

Recorded by Armand John Anthony
At Captains Quarters Studio
Mixed and Mastered by Arthur Rizk
Album Art by Hayden Hall


all rights reserved



Tankcrimes Oakland, California

Hardcore Punk Rock Heavy Metal for True Freaks

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