by Cannabis Corpse / Ghoul

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S810 I didn't think it was possible, but my boner is both terrified and extremely excited at the same time. Is there such a thing as a terror boner? If there is, these two magnificent bands together with give you the biggest terror boner of all. Favorite track: Inner Sanctum.
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D DEM RIFFS, MAN! THEY TOO GOOD! Favorite track: Shatter Their Bongs.
Daniel Baker
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Daniel Baker Heavy music, terribly funny. I'm long past the point of considering Cannabis Corpse a "joke" band. Surprisingly enough, they're also not stoner band, which I never have been able to get into.

Also, the Ghoul part of the split is seriously awesome, too. Favorite track: The Inhalation Plague.
Trevar Wilson
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Trevar Wilson My favorite song on an awesome split, totally Ripping Deaththrash for morbid minds by Ghoul, can't wait to tune in to the next full length of Creepsylvanian madness, will be waiting in the outer limits... Favorite track: Inner Sanctum.
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released January 7, 2014


all rights reserved



Tankcrimes Oakland, California

Hardcore Punk Rock Heavy Metal for True Freaks

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Track Name: Cannabis Corpse - The Inhalation Plague

It was the moment that I first heard the sirens
And saw the panicked news reporters on my TV screen
I got the feeling that this was more than terrorists
But theres no way I could've known how fucked up things would be


I heard reports of a green toxic vapor
Spreading from a growhouse burning down in east L.A
A lethal mix of T.H.C and bathsalts
Once inhaled would drive its
victims to hurt others than themselves


I had no time to panic
This cloud of death
It would soon be here

Billowing reefer beyond my darkest fears

I felt lightheaded and then a little woozy
A burning in my nostrils like I'd never felt before
I knew this symptom was the first sign of exposure
My coughing would not stop as
I rubbed at bloodshot eyes

My hair began falling out
It fell in clumps lightly to the floor
I was so high I stopped even trying to think

The mental doorway in my mind gave away
Bloodcurdling visions of pain and death
An overwhelming urge taking over my thoughts
We must shed blood to please the reefer gods

No longer in control
I limped strangely out of my front door
I went outside
Tonight someone I know will DIE!

I paid no heed to the chaos all around me
Explosions rumbled in the distance but I did not care
A brick that was lying in some rubble
smashed a neighbor’s window out so I could get inside
I knew the family was hiding in the basement
They would be a sacrifice
to my new master now
so with a steak knife I stole out of there kitchen
Track Name: Cannabis Corpse - Shatter Their Bongs

Writhing in his own filth
Mumbling strange phrases
Spoken with foul words
used by the ancient ones
His mind is a blank void
Brain cells have been destroyed
He’s confined to his cell and completely insane

On the wall of his cell
Drawings smeared in his own shit
His mindless rambling
Keeps repeating the same thing

There’s no time!

We must shatter their bongs!
We must shatter their bongs!
We must shatter their bongs



Patient: 9833463
Has spent his whole life in cell block 420
A pale shell of a former stoner
Doomed to die!

Experiments have twisted his brain
in this hospital for the mentally deranged
He’s addicted to hi-grade potent weed eternally

Then one night it happened
No one could explain
How so many people were never seen again
They searched the whole building
But could find no trace of anyone who had been in that place

Psychic detectives used their gifts to try and find some clues
When they relived their deaths
They screamed as they gouged out their eyes

There’s no time!
We must shatter their bongs!
We must shatter their bongs!
We must shatter their bongs

Track Name: Ghoul - Inner Sanctum
Welcome, little children
At play among the tombs
A trail of treats will lead you
Into candy covered rooms

Granite pestles crush their tiny pelvises to dust
Smashing with unholy lust

You and your burnout friends
Were suckered by the witch's tale
Caves replete with the devil's leaf
And a map for sale
So, to the catacombs
With plunder as your goal
Stumble bums, trap door sprung,
You were knocked out cold

Welcome, lonely traveler
Engaged in self-abuse
Your love of iron maidens
Will be put to grisly use

Piercing shrieks of torture from behind a metal mask
Blood collects in oaken casks

You hear a muffled scream
Through a freshly mortared crypt
Slimy tendrils coat the walls
Where the coffin juices drip
A filthy denim vest
You find abandoned on the chamber floor
Mortal fear; your blood runs cold
At the sound of the creaking door

The screams of your friends echo from afar
Panicked, you race through the torch-lit halls
Into the abattoir

Kill! Kill! Kill!

You fall to your knees
In the human debris
And we chortle at your feeble cries

You kick and you scream
As you're dragged 'cross the floor
No mercy, no pity, you're destined to die

In our inner sanctum
Chained to the floor of a catacomb cell
In our inner sanctum
You will be wracked with the tortures of Hell
In our inner sanctum
Tears stream from your bloodshot eyes
In our inner sanctum
Track Name: Ghoul - Spill Your Guts
Spill Your Guts

Screaming as the torch is lit
The muscles seize as hooks are thrust
Into your writhing torso twisting
Metal up your fucking butt

Spill your guts!
Spill your fucking guts!

Veiny ropes of innards dripping
Shit and blood from jagged cuts
Are ripping with a nauseating
Racket as I spill your guts

Gnawing at your stomach
In the offal splattered dirt
Sopping up the drippings
With your Iron Reagan shirt

Sneakers stolen and your vest is
Tattered where your ribcage juts
From under ravaged flesh now aren't you
Happy that your spilled your guts?