Ugly Truths / Beautiful Lies

by Cliterati

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released August 30, 2019

Recorded by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios
Mastered by Joel Grind
Cover Art by Sugi


all rights reserved



Tankcrimes Oakland, California

Hardcore Punk Rock Heavy Metal for True Freaks

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Track Name: Tribal Politics
Divided to the bone
Main Street America
This all hits too close to home
Before you say
Not in my backyard
Ü know these
Truths r fuckin hard
Families divided
Never to b united
Brother against brother
Disdain for father and mother
We can all disagree
Shouldn't we find
We are all the people
Prolly want the same things
Decent living wage
Clean water to drink
An education system
Not on the brink of failure!
It's possible to meet
In the middle
become whole
situation is critical
Sourcing your news
Overloading with
Nothing of value
that's true
Greed and corruption
The basis of our democracy
Another political disruption
Thrown out there
so we won't question
The powers that be
That term is fuckin whack
Just another
Tribal politics attack!
Whose the winner
In the great divide
Corporate news
From their greed we can't hide
Baiting us all with lies
We need to question
Their integrity
What happened to compromise
Seen as failure
through some people’s eyes
Ya know hat happened when
Ya compromised baby
All I saw was loss
When I looked in yr eyes
Track Name: Trans is Beautiful
Born in the wrong body
Know this from an early age
Identity felt within
Others can’t relate
Pronoun confusion
Plays into the illusion
What they see isn’t me
They can’t see who we r inside
Deep rooted identity won’t hide
Trans is beautiful
Let yr truth shine
Trans is beautiful
Sex is between yr legs
Identity between yr ears
Be true to yrself
Fuck society’s fears
Gender is complex
Forever in a state of evolution
Fuck society’s perceived illusions
Trans is beautiful
Let yr light shine
Track Name: Unfuck The System
Unfuck the system
It's starts with ü and me
Unfuck the system
For justice and equality
Living a life
That's seldom
As truly free
Instead of
I against I
What if we stood together
Arm in arm
in solidarity
The underground thrives
As the rich man dies
Working poor
Shan’t take no more
Of the abuses and untruths
Waged against us all
Government needs to fear
We need to make this clear
For one day they shall fall
Track Name: Silence = Death
Nothing said
Nothing done
Fence walking
Systemic oppression
When ones power is used
To oppress
the marginalized
Psychological abuse
We are created the same
Let us stand against evil doers
The oppressors
Ignorance equals fear
Silence equals death
Track Name: Scars Are What Holds Me Together
Stitched together
Pulled apart
Deep seeded issues
From the heart
Bad decisions
Make things worse
Guess it's part
Of this living curse
My life means nothing
And that's just fine
It's all I got
And in the end
It’s all I got
And that’s just fine
Track Name: Latinx Taken
TThey take our skills
The take our labour
They take our knowledge
Our best ideas
In the end
These makers of men
Turn around call us takers
Throw us away
Break up our families
Call us illegal
Seen as unequal
I didn’t cross the border
The border crossed me
They take our talents
They take our hearts
They take our time
Our best ideas
And in the end
These makers of men
Turn around call us takers
Throw us away
Break up our families
Call us illegal
Seen as unequal
I didn’t cross the border
The border crossed me
They take our jobs
They take our culture
They take our children
Our best ideas
And in the end
These makers of men
Turn around call us takers
Throw us away
Call us takers
Break up our families
Seen as unequal
I didn’t cross the border
The border crossed me
Track Name: Footprints on the Moon
I’d rather have a mind
Opened by wondering
Than one closed
By belief
Hope to alway speak truth
To listen with an open ear
When others speak
Be still and you'll hear
The earth speak
Time is borrowed
And running short
Living by choice
Nor by chance
Motivated not
Being useful
Not used
Making changes
Not excuses
Excelling yet
Not competing
Choosing self esteem
Not self pity
Ain’t gonna say
The sky’s the limit
There’s footprints
On the moon
Track Name: Global Power Corruption Lies
Multi national
Billion dollar industry
Built on killing off
Mom and pops
Cutting corners
And saving a dime
Working conditions
A fucking crime
Billion dollar industry
Built on lies
Built on the backs of
The working poor
When will we turn back
How this all works
Deserving of prosperity
Equality and a fair wage
Building frustration
And hate
Global power
Forgets to negotiate
People before profits
Lining pockets of the
One percent
Creating desperation
For the rest
Corporate entities held
Answering to none
Corrupt system insurmountable
Global power corruption lies!
Track Name: Ugly Truths / Beautiful Lies
The masks been ripped off
White supremacist Amerikkka
They march with tiki torches
Terrorists in the night
Bullies and loudmouths
Spewing hate and disgrace
The presidency of prejudice
Quick to defend
You can't equate Nazis
With people standing up to tyranny
And oppression
Only 157 years out of a
Slave economy
Some wounds won't heal
Bandaids don't fix lynchings
While living in inequality
Monuments to monsters
Why are they still here?
Ask a person of color they tell ya
It's to instill fear
Jim Crow era should b
left in the past
History destined to repeat itself
The ugly truth is Amerikkka
Is a land of racist hate
The beautiful lie
Is that many
believing it's not
Ugly truths!
Beautiful lies!
Track Name: Remnants of War
Fire burns red
Blood turns black
Silver tears
Can’t hold back
Broken spirit
Worn out soul
From deep within
Bones turn cold
Smokey horizon
Can barely breath
Moaning breaks the silence
The storm through the trees
Bodies lie broken
Scattered apart
Remnants of war
Unyielding from the start
Man against man
Fighting for what
Religious beliefs
Ain’t worth it
The cost of lost life
Track Name: Redneck, White and Blue
Fox News
Self abuse
You ain’t even
Got a clue
Wear your white privilege
Like a heroes cape
Never gonna know how it feels
To have yr heritage raped
Chug yr bud
Know that those colors run
Red neck white and blue
Don’t care if the facts
Ain’t true
Always crying what ya
Been through
Never thought to walk in
Another’s shoes
Red neck white and blue
Sit on yr couch
Talk yr shit
How those damn foreigners
Need to quit
Comin’ here take our jobs
Doesn’t really matter
You’ll always b
an unemployed slob!
Track Name: In Crust We Trust
Pizza rolls
Not gender rolls
My slice
My choice
Ü can’t silence
my voice
In crust we trust
Track Name: Shapeshift Away
When you black out
The sky
and night turns
To day
All things unknown
Starts to shape shift
Bottomless floor
Throat constricts
Pounding heart
Open fist
Mind tuned out
Dreams of
far off lands
Time falls away
Like hour glass
Remember to breath
Inhale long and hard
Yr lights been snuffed
Heart darkened and
Eyes forever closed
As it all falls away