Dungeon Bastards

by Ghoul

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released July 29, 2016

Recorded and Mixed by Scott Evans at Antisleep Studios
Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound


all rights reserved



Tankcrimes Oakland, California

Hardcore Punk Rock Heavy Metal for True Freaks

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Track Name: Ghetto Blasters
Having defeated the Cannibals MC and decapitated their leader, Kreeg, Commandant Dobrunkum sets in motion his plan to rid Creepsylvania of undesirables and create a pitiless society of iron-fisted law. The infirm and mentally ill are rounded up for use in medical experimentation and the entertainment industry. The able-bodied are forced to build the Wall of Death around the city and a colossal statue in Dobrunkum's image that towers over Svatoplunk Square. Still, the lawless walk free. From his command center inside the head of his half-finished tribute, Dobrunkum gives the order. In the slums surrounding Creepsylvania, where the poor, drug addled, and lazy huddle in abject poverty, the silence of the night is broken by the clattering of arms and the martial stomp of the...

Track Name: Bringer of War
Driven from the city and into the graveyard, the fleeing hordes of indigent peasants are pursued by acidthrower wielding gangs of shock troops. The shrieks of melting villagers fill the freezing air. Down in the catacombs, oblivious, Ghoul tucks in to dinner.


Pandemonium rattled the crypts
Tunnels corroded in acidulous drips
A ruckus interrupting our daily dead
As the villagers fled with acid melting their heads
Weakening stanchions, savage assault
The bodies were piled into a burial vault
There was a terrible cave-in, crushing debris
What came through the ceiling brought us right to our knees

A massive contrivance enveloped in bones
Cradled in death upon a sinister throne

Clad in iron, oxidized
Buried for years away from curious eyes
A circle emblazoned on its riveted skin
And an ominous glow illuminating within
Samedi stiffened and his lips were atwitch
As a mysterious hum achieved a deafening pitch

A massive contrivance enveloped in bone
Cradled in death upon a sinister throne
As if to intone...

I am the bringer of war
Atomic death forevermore
I am the bringer of war
Behold the fury of my roar

Trapped in a reverie, the voodoo man fell
He dreamed of salvation through nuclear hell
Omicron energy to shatter the spell
And the vaporization of his corporeal shell

Stun grenades from the bully brigade
Elbows and knuckles in a violent raid
We bloodied our boots as we battled the brutes
But they netted the bomb, so all the effort was moot
Beaten down, we had to retreat
Samedi seething at our tragic defeat
A radio crackled THE WEAPON IS SEIZED
Our hackles were raised as the Commandant wheezed

Flee from my legions, pitiful fools!
There's nowhere to hide now, this is the end of Ghoul!
Scuttle to safety like pestilent rats
The fuse is burning quickly now that...

I am the bringer of war
Atomic death forevermore
I am the bringer of war
Behold the fury of my roar
Track Name: Shred the Dead
Baron Samedi's commands to retrieve the Omicron Bomb fall on deaf ears, as Ghoul retreats deeper into the Catacombs muttering half-hearted assurances; that is, until Samedi unleashes an army of revivified corpses to persuade them otherwise.


Black dread, undead
Crawling from the crypts
Ragged claws scratch coffin lids
A rancid stink as tombs emit
Tongues slick over glutinous lips
With bloodlust in their minds
We grab our decks and grab our dicks
Drop in and bust a grind

Smash our boards into the undead hoards
The rotten fiends are gored... Shred the Dead
Mushed up guts are stuck all in our trucks
But we don't give a fuck... Shred the Dead

One-eyed wallride
Drunken mutants shred the gnar
Collapsing clotted craniums
With kick-flips eldritch and bizarre
Unfazed by the fusillade
Blitzkrieg from the dead brigade
They'll never stop until we die
So send them back into the grave

Smash our boards into the undead hoards
The rotten fiends are gored... Shred the Dead
Mushed up guts are stuck all in our trucks
But we don't give a fuck... Shred the Dead

We launch into the fray with rusty axes set to "slay"
And shatter each and every vertebrae
McTwist was missed, busted ankle, broken wrist
Dentures cracked as concrete's kissed

Crash the swarm of wretched shambling forms
Ripened limbs are torn... Shred the Dead
Maggots creamed as mildewed skulls are reamed
And every cube is gleamed... Shred the Dead
Backs to the Wall against the undead thrall
So let's just kill 'em all... Shred the Dead
Clouds of flies as bodies pile up high
And our escape is nigh... Shred the Dead
Track Name: Dungeon Bastards
After scaling the Wall of Death, Ghoul descends into the sewers of Creepsylvania, sneaking their way towards Svatoplunk Square and the bomb... but shifty eyes espy their descent.


Exiled... condemned to the sewers
Troglodytes in a realm of manure
Eerie decrees from a mummified head
You will grovel for your daily bread

Merciful Kreeg, you are noble and wise
Command us O Lord, as we lower our eyes
You are the chosen, you are the few
And this is what you're gonna do...

Secure our domain from the infidels
Take your place in the clubhouse of paradise
Try to remember to make out a will
And don't ask why!

Agents of chaos reduced to slaves
Broken wills and degenerate knaves
For a mummified prick, they want to cause our demise
But we're gonna cut 'em down to size

Ropes are slipped, esophagus ripped
Spraying blood into quivering lips
Burying hatchets into sunken in chests
As we urinate on denim vests

Bastards! Dungeon Bastards
Bastards! Dungeon Bastards

Heads roll as the tables turn
They didn't know fear, but now they're gonna learn
Penitence from the slobbering masses
Taking names, then stomping asses

Kreeg's head is smashed to bits
A cacophonous wailing from the ignorant twits
You will follow and we will lead
'Cause we're fucking GHOUL, and we will make you bleed
Track Name: Ghoulunatics
Once more defeated, the bedraggled remnants of the Cannibals MC pledge allegiance to their hooded conquerors, following them on their quest to retrieve the Omicron Bomb and end the sad existence of Baron Samedi.


This crowd is the worst
Outcasts debased into something perverse

It's time for unrest
So pull down your cowl and sharpen your vest

We R Ghoulunatics
The Cannibals gathered to shout it out loud
We R Ghoulunatics
Violence is promised and vengeance is vowed

Biting our style
Hooded and drunk with an odor so vile

"Dubrenkim mest fal!"
A misspelled graffito is smeared on the wall

We R Ghoulunatics
Taking a stand with our fists in the air
We R Ghoulunatics
They think we're their pals, but we really don't care

Fight! Till you die
Fight! Till you die

We R Ghoulunatics
Pantaloons sodden and skulls are benumbed
We R Ghoulunatics
Easily led cuz they're so fucking dumb
We R Ghoulunatics
An army of losers, the worst of the worst
We R Ghoulunatics
They'll march to our orders and buy all our merch
Track Name: Blood and Guts
Meanwhile, the denizens of the ghetto deemed suitable for experimentation are marched into Smolek Sanitorium, where they will be subject to the bizarre, sadistic machinations of Dr. Zabor Zongo, M.D., Ph.D., D.V.M., D.M.V.


Deep in the bowels of an edifice, foul
The wretched dregs of the ghetto corralled
Covert experiments mutating forms
And violating every ethical norm

I, Dr. Zongo, master of my trade
Employing Super Science to make an army of slaves
You will be servile, and you will obey
You will sit and you will stay!

Ragged wounds leaking virulent pus
Stapled flesh where the guillotine cut

Tubes pulse with chemical brews
Cervical vertebrae are grotesquely fused
On the slab, a chimerical mutt
A concatenation of Blood & Guts

Bow to the whip hand, and bow to the fist
The feral creations were deservedly pissed
The doctor screamed as their manacles snapped
Dragged off to his doom as his skivvies were crapped

Deep in the bowels of an edifice, foul
A wretched freak is emitting a howl

On the slab, a chimerical mutt
A concatenation of Blood & Guts
On the slab you are nothing but
A concatenation of Blood & Guts
On the slab, a chimerical mutt
A concatenation of Blood & Guts
On the slab you are nothing but
A concatenation of Blood & Guts
Track Name: Word is Law
Commandant Dobrunkum struts and preens in his headquarters high above the city as he watches the bedraggled slave force hang the Omicron Bomb from the iron hand of his gargantuan effigy. He is the master of all he surveys, and his...


In Creepsylvania, I drafted this piece of paper
That denotes that I'm its ruler for life
You gotta a problem? Well, I hope that you're a bottom
'Cause you're gonna get put to the knife
I'm leather-clad, motherfucker, super-bad
You see me coming, better bow down
The severed head of Kreeg now issues orders from me
To all the Cannibals that hung around

Hail me!
Tremble with awe
Because my Word Is Law

I am the bomb, I've got the bomb, and with aplomb
Over the comms my voice addresses you fools
I'm not afraid of any voodoo, any mutants
Any peasants, or protesters, or Ghouls
I've got the soldiers, got the power, got the odor
Of the modern Creepsylvanian man
If they step to Dobrunkum then you know I'm gonna punk 'em
With my nightstick in the back of the van

Hail me!
Tremble with awe
Because my Word Is Law

Because my Word Is Law

Hail me!
Tremble with awe
Because my Word Is Law
Track Name: Death Campaign
Viltek Novotny, a lonely, drunken goat salesman, emerges from a local tavern with a belly full of vodka, a head full of regret, and pants full of last night's borscht. What he would witness, he would never forget.


I was wasted
As I left Ivan's Inn on my knees
A murder of mutants
Gibbered in garrulous glee
A shot rang out
And it startled the freaks in the sacks
A hatchet was hurled at a dog man
As they mounted a violent and vicious attack

Limbs were bit while pants were shit
Eyes gouged out from fleshy pits
Fists met faces, boots met brains
Cobblestones slick with the blood of the slain
Bodies cleaved in twain

Death Campaign

It beggared belief
The madness I saw in the streets
A fat one was gnawing the head of a canine
A skinny one gnawed on its feet
Thundering engines
Grew louder, approaching the fray
Leather and chains, splattering brains
From up in the statue, the order, "Obey!"

Faces were peeled with murderous zeal
Howls for mercy were left un-appealed
Fists met faces, boots met brains
Cobblestones slick with the blood of the slain
The slaughter could not be contained

Death Campaign

Acidthrowers melted struts
Scaffold overrun with nuts
Ruptured rivets shattered bones
A mangled metal hell
A hail of screaming bodies
As the great colossus fell

Back to the Inn for a flagon of gin
Covered in carnage, my head was a-spin
Drowning in liquor to deaden my pain
Haunted by that Death Campaign
Track Name: Guitarmageddon
The overrun statue comes crashing down on the city and thousands of villagers are instantly ground to paste. The massive arm of the statue breaches the city wall and flings its deadly cargo groundward. With a flash of weird blue light, the Omicron Bomb explodes in the swamp as if in slow motion. The breathless citizens of Creepsylvania await their surely impending doom.

Track Name: Abominox
A rift is opened in space and time as Omicron Energy is unleashed in the mystical deeps of Creepsylvania's swampland, and someone... or something... slithers its way through.


Stygian forces rupture the seals
Sewage and swamp gas and garbage congeals
The odious vortex begins to reveal
A psychotic nightmare for eons concealed
Twenty eyes begin to open and close
A river of refuse from an orifice flows
As a towering tangle of effluvium rose
The madness grows

Lunches lost as the creature forms
Slick with shit and discarded porn
Mummified corpses entwine and adorn
From multiple mandibles a testament sworn

King of the Mouldy Ones
I rise!

Up from the bog he comes to conquer humanoids
Dripping with fungal ooze from toxic hemorrhoids
Rupturing roots encroach, collapsing mammoth blocks
Humans are doomed to die... unleash Abominox

Flesh from bone is flayed
Skulls are crushed with rocks
Feeble minds enslaved
To serve Abominox