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It's Only Midnight

by Deathgrave

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Ant Baby 02:19
Ant Baby We just had a kid and there's something wrong. This kid is digging tunnels through the floor, going underground. Several other babies have gone missing, along with snacks Gathered in their hive, waiting to attack. They've grown antennae and have connected minds Stealing sweets and plotting your demise Cubby pests bursting through the walls Victims crushed by mandibles Flesh torn by tiny hands Ant Baby Crawling on hands and knees Scream and cry with insect eyes They work together storming people's homes. Plundering resources carried out by drones Was once love best is now a pest.
On All Fours 03:02
On All Fours I’m a good dog. I was human. My masters found me at an adult bookstore reading “How to be a Human Dog” They took off my clothes, put on a collar, took me home and gave me a new name. I’m a good dog. I sleep outside. I have begun to be house broke. So much discipline. Face shoved in shit. Nose full of piss. I’ve done so well I’m being taken for a ride due to my good behavior. I’m taken to the beach. We show up late, after midnight, so others cannot see. Running around on all fours, I bury my face in the sand. I can’t remember enjoying life this much as a human. I’ve become soaking wet as I frolic on the shore. It’s getting cold It’s getting late but I’d like to play some more. My masters see me shivering and they beckon me to their feet. I lay prone, belly up, as they urinate on me. I’m a good dog.
Tony's Deli 03:06
Tony's Deli There is a place everybody knows. It's underneath the bridge, just follow your nose. It expels an aroma of smoked exotic meats Flavors so uncanny that they have addictive properties. What is it you ask? Was this once a morgue? Let us go find out. Just head through that door. Once you enter your throat is cut, you grab your neck in disbelief. You're bleeding out, you're being flayed, and placed on a rotisserie, providing the community with human charcuterie at such a cheap price that we practically give it away. Plus having a morgue is so convenient. The body slab seconds as such a nice display. People come in from word of mouth but a small percentage never come out. They came for nachos but they got spaghetti. When I come to kill you, you will not be ready. HUMAN face served open faced. Fried infant thigh served on marble rye. You craving sweets? Give tiramisu a whirl. Real lady fingers from breaking the girl. No tender meats? That is not an issue. We'll load a sub packed with some scar tissue. Not that hungry? Not much appetite? Popcorn person for a quick small bite. BTW the owner in Anthony FUCKING Keidis!!
Sewer runs through her A little girl in the sewer Wedged in a pipe Lifeless and without eyes Tide of filth canal through the corpse The turds roll through her hull Gases from the waste water causes the body to expand and bloat Cadaver expands to such size that the rats use it as a raft for breeding Tissues grow spongy Covered with shit stains Corpse is dismembered with a snap of the veins Someone's missing daughter Has become waste water
The Resigned 01:20
The Resigned Awaken barely breathing Shivering and seizing I have somewhere to be to feed my family I call into work at a quarter to five Green in the cheeks and hardly alive Clenching the phone I call once again But no one answers the other end If I call 911 the ambulance will come I get up to suck it up Instantly I upchuck If I can't go to work, I can't pay my bills There's medical cost and prescription pills Bills I cannot afford to pay Still I lie in bed to decay Forehead is burning All my guts are churning For rest I am yearning Rent I am not earning Reluctantly I will work Arteries pump and jerk Then I show up ready to go But my body will not forego Resigned!
Resurr'wreck'ed A blinding flash Spinning out of control A violent crash I'm flying through the glass Car ripped in half And so am I Lying on the pavement staring at my insides Ambulance arrives I'm being peeled off the ground I can see the commotion but I can't hear a sound They try to save me I'm no longer alive EMTs jump on my chest until my corpse is revived My mangled body caused an EMT to barf They've broken all my ribs trying to get my heart to start Flatline then revived a multitude of times Awaken from a 3 month coma with a series of tubes down my throat The doctors say it's a miracle I'm alive but I'm terrified because there's no other side I've been released I feel the need to hide I'm agoraphobic, I don't want to go outside
Rats Are Back "Egad! Mom the rats are back again!" Storm into the room to find rats gnawing on my kids I bash them with a broom, the rodents scamper off Load up the bloody kids then we take off at top speed Now it's war I dropped the kids off at my mom's Off to the hardware store to grab the poison and bait traps I'm so pissed off I'll kill these little shits Placing snapping death at the base of the wall For every one I kill four more take its place They reproduce at an alarming rate Throw up my hands "My house is infested!" Pellets of shit line the base of the wall Now something's weird They're moving all at once Stuck inside the wall in between two planks They're there for sure I can hear them squeak Plus their urine leaking at the base of the wall The wall gives way exposing a soggy mass rolling out onto the kitchen floor It's a myriad of rats attached at the tail that are all fucking and pissing and..."OH GAWD!!" My shriek sends the mass scurrying into my room and under my bed I head to the garage to fetch the gas can pouring a trail from my room out into the street, light a cigarette and ignite my rat infested home into flames
Slurring Sermons We welcome this congregation here where faith is rooted This midnight mass is sure to get you zooted The Lord works in mysterious ways such as creating drugs that get us high They're available here from generous donations provided by the congregation Snorting lines off the pews Tie off with rosary to inject H cut with methamphetamine Now that we're properly fucked up we speak of the story of Cain and Abel Abel wouldn't share his stash which got him killed and that's why we share The Lord is always forgiving of sin but to be forgiven one first must sin Intake communion of actual wine and wafers dosed with LSD Let us all let the Lord into our hearts by intravenous means
Your Rulers are Here A being of slime from a malicious unworldly kind It has arrived to feed off the smut that you puke out of your mouth and explodes from your butt. Amorphis, ancient, impossible to comprehend It has come here to feed on human waste - in the same act enslave the human race It came from the stars, landed in the dumpster behind the bar. It leaked through the cracks and got into the lines, then into the beer and into your minds Alien proteins contaminate the draft beers Nightmares commence that induce puke and shit from fear Infected with fear!!! It rules from its realm where no liquid's clear Swampy boozy mush!! It receives lunch whenever you flush Now it's had babies and they'll need to grow up, they will be nurtured with feces and throw up Their call makes you sick You hear them in dreams This happens whenever you sleep! Sounds of screams and toilets heard all night.. Locals enslaved, don't know what to do but drink, puke and pee.
Sniff, scratch, peel, snack Sniff, Scratch, Peel, Snack! Biff hard on my skateboard and totally eat shit The scrape on my elbow has me chomping at the bit Sniff, scratch, peel, snack! Grainy and crusted the wound now has a crunch I break a little off and I have it for my lunch Sniff, scratch, peel, snack! It is now infected and oozing with pus That thick nasty liquid on my tongue is what I lust Sniff, scratch, peel, snack! Repeatedly poke at the wound It's tender as hell The rest of my arm has begun to swell A thick film forms on the wound that's like the frosting on German chocolate cake that smells like garbage on a hot day
Lonely Streets Shambling down the littered street No shoes on, bags on my feet Am I insane? I can't remember my name! On my corner I beg for change In tattered rags covered in mange I need a tall can to subside the pain Walked miles, stores in sight I didn't make it, they close at midnight Cops beat me within an inch of my life Awaken on the hot pavement My face aches and is covered in blood Mumbling anger I start to cry Intense frustration I scream into the sky I'm now a spectacle for all in sight to see See a kid walking with mom I ask "was this once me?" My mother bought me a toy train This thought is engrained in my brain I have no place to stay but the train stations a block away Can't remember the words to describe how I feel but the tracks are where my head shall lay
Atomic Narcotic Withdrawal Awaken from a two day nap My friends are gone and I feel like crap I desperately need a fix Let's see what's in my bag of tricks Plan A: beg the dealer I show up late at his house He's heard these words come from my mouth I beg and plead to get me high He says "go ask some other guy" Plan B: Find some junkies I track down my so called friends I get asked "do you got ends?" I hold out my filthy empty hands They kick the shit out of me Plan C: kill some strangers My night has lead me to an alley filled with bums with drugs In the shadows near a camp armed with a ball-peen hammer Victims piling up Check their pockets to no avail What is this? A loaded rig? I don't shoot up but what the hell Relieved to get fucked up Oh no! I've done too much! Total organ failure!



LP housed in a foil stamped jacket, 2 sick vinyl variants available


released April 14, 2023

Deathgrave is:

Andre Cornejo - Vocals
Clint Zane- Drums
Fern Alberts- Bass
Greg Wilkinson- Guitar

Drums for all songs except “Sewer Runs Through Her” were tracked at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA

Everything else was tracked at Earhammer Studio in Oakland, CA

All songs were Tracked, Mixed & Mastered by Greg Wilkinson

Cover art by Max Rain


all rights reserved



Tankcrimes Oakland, California

Hardcore Punk Rock Heavy Metal for True Freaks

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